Redefining Your Perimeter Security

It is imperative you take necessary precautions to ward off unwanted intruders especially if your company is involved in matters requiring high level of security. Apart from firewalls, RADIUS servers and other kinds of technical security could be enforced, but physical barriers are also just as important. The outer perimeter comprises of both structural and Read More

The Untold Benefits of Concrete Barriers

Although most of us are familiar with the various advantages of concrete barriers, some of us are ignorant about how useful these barriers can prove to be. While some barriers can be used temporarily, others prove to be useful for long term. They are a real boon protecting sites which are located adjacent to the Read More

Different Types of Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control barriers are used to direct and manage the crowd properly. These are mainly deployed at places that see huge gatherings such as movie halls, stadiums, highways, etc. Different kinds of barriers are manufactured to match the requirement of various places. Here is a look at some of the different types of barriers available Read More

Why and Where are Crowd Control Barriers Used?

Crowd control barriers are deployed with the sole aim of managing a crowd appropriately to ensure public safety and security. There are several places that require the deployment of different kinds of barriers. Here is a detailed look at some of the places that require these barriers and why. Highways and Roads On the highways Read More

Parking Lot Barriers

Security in Parking Lot Barriers In malls, commercial complexes, and even residential areas, parking lot barriers are a necessity. There are different types of parking lot barriers available on 48 Barriers. Parking barriers are used to control the flow of traffic in a parking lot. They are also used to prevent vehicles from hazardous places. Read More

Nuclear Power Plant Security Barriers

Nuclear power plants are a great benefit, but they might turn out to be a curse if they are not secure. Nuclear power plant security barriers play a very important role. According to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), every nuclear plant in the country needs to adhere to the security rules posted by them. Read More

Military Perimeter Security Barriers

Military perimeters need to be most secure when compared to other facilities. This is one reason why security barriers are mandatory in these places. Military bases, offices, and even sites require the use of special safety barriers and equipment for protection against growing terrorist activities and enemies. 48 Barriers provides the best discounts on military Read More

Concrete Security Barriers

Concrete security barriers are used for different purposes and they are primarily used for both on and off road purposes. Coming in different shapes, sizes, and types, the concrete security barriers can be made according to the specifications of the buyer at 48 Barriers. Public Safety using Concrete Security Barriers Though concrete security barriers are Read More

Barriers for Site Safety

General Barriers for Site Safety 48 Barriers sells barriers for site safety. Construction sites require special barriers that differ from others. These barriers are generally portable and easy to transport, but they also come with special features. The best of these can be found and purchased at affordable prices from 48 Barriers. Safety barriers for Read More

Five Popular Uses of Concrete and Water Barriers

Concrete barricades and water barriers can be innovatively used for a wide range of purposes. They are not only a low cost investment, but are also durable in addition to being highly effective. You can read on to know of some of the popular uses of such barriers. 1. Concrete Jersey barriers can do everything Read More

Pointers that will Guide your Purchase of Barriers and Barricades

When it comes to abating the threat of head-on collisions or controlling the traffic on highways; there are barricades available that can fit the bill. A large variety of barriers on the market present you with ample options so you can pick out the one that best suits the purpose you require it for. These Read More