The Flawless Ingenuity of Jersey Barriers

Initially designed to split freeway lanes, the exceptionally robust and long lasting Jersey barrier has since been used for a number of diverse fortification needs. Originally planned to stand just under three feet tall, it can withstand intense impact without breaking down. Changing times have seen it suit a lot of purposes be it blockades Read More

Barricades And Blockades Used For Perimeter Security Today

Be it for resident’s protection, construction blockades or parking lot security; there is a real need felt for apt measures of perimeter security. While concrete barriers are most preferred, you have worthy alternatives such as plastic or water blockades as well. If you are in the market for convenient yet durable fortifications you may want Read More

The impact of K rails in road safety

Does the name “K-Rail” sound unfamiliar to you? Ironically, it may well have saved your life! Those are the wedges of concrete that dominates the landscape of highways. This safety equipment is the refined product of 60 years of engineering effort. It was basically developed to minimize the extent of an accident by restoring control Read More

Four Interesting Applications of Jersey Barriers

Jersey barrier is a modular concrete or plastic barrier basically designed to prevent the crossover case of head on collision. It is made in such a way that it directs the vehicle back into the traffic during the impact by lifting it slightly when riding up on an angled slope, thus minimizing vehicle damage while Read More