Are Jersey Barriers a Solid Secure Solution for Highway Safety?

In general, Jersey barriers are used to reduce the risk of an out-of-control vehicle crossing the median and colliding with opposing traffic or roadway workers. It also provides protection against unwanted vehicular traffic and terrorist activities around government buildings, utility facilities, historic landmarks and more. Featuring Jersey barriers on highways has reduced the number of Read More

Have You Ever Wondered Where Jersey Barriers got their name? Read on to Find the Reason!!!

The omnipresent wedges of concrete lining the medians and shoulders of highways in every state are universally referred to as ‘Jersey Barriers’. These concrete barriers are commonly used in many narrow highway medians, to prevent vehicle crossovers into oncoming traffic. During 1940s and 1960s, many states tried to make their own concrete barriers but failed Read More

Keep Your Onsite Workers Protected with K-rails

K-rail barriers have become popular today and are used extensively in construction sites to improve workers safety on site. These k-rails are made of high quality materials and are available at an affordable price. They are almost unbreakable and keep the people behind the barrier safe. Since they are made for permanent or semi-permanent applications, Read More

Fundamental Criteria in Choosing the Right K-rail Barrier

K-rails are protective concrete barriers, most commonly used to prevent access to prohibited areas and as a highway divider. These k-rail barriers can also be used extensively in construction sites, oil fields, nuclear power plant and more to enhance site safety. Introduction of mini k-rail barriers have made them portable and easy to rearrange. The Read More