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A Guide to Selecting K-Rail

K-rail barriers are better known as the Californian version of Jersey barriers. These temporary installations are preferred for highway protection, controlling traffic, and crowd management. In the recent times, they have also emerged as a potential tool to channel mud and rainwater in storm and mudslide affected areas. These are the most flexible, portable, and cost-effective type of barriers. Selecting these barriers is not a herculean task but you need to consider few important points before finding them.

Durability and Adaptability:

On these counts, K-rail barriers are the top preference for application in many areas. They are made from concrete making them sturdy. Due to their portable design, they can be installed for perimeter protection and blocking access to an area apart from usual traffic control. Depending upon the criteria of application, you must choose the barrier that fits the bill.

The Barriers should be Crash tested:

It is an essential aspect of robust concrete barriers. They must be crash tested according to the regulations specified by Federal and state governments. Prefer companies adhering to NCHRP 350 regulations for road barriers.

Affordability of Barrier:

While selecting K-rails, always ensure that you prefer the company offering a cost-effective range of barriers. Make an assessment to ascertain if the barrier is worthy of the price that it bears. Compare the prices of suppliers before making a final selection. Safety of your premises or establishments will largely depend upon the barriers. Hence, never compromise with their quality while considering their costs.

Pondering over these points can leave a lasting impact on protection of the areas requiring barrier control.