Barriers for perimeter security

Be it for resident’s protection, construction blockades or parking lot security; there is a real need felt for apt measures of perimeter security. While concrete barriers are most preferred, you have worthy alternatives such as plastic or water blockades as well. If you are in the market for convenient yet durable fortifications you may want to explore all your options before deciding on the one that is best suited to the task at hand.

The resourcefulness of concrete barriers

When you need concrete blockades to handle crashes or vehicular impact, then our highway concrete barriers perfectly fit the bill. Although these are far from being light weight, they do not present the complications of steel fences such as corroding and neither do they require a lot of maintenance. Hassle free, these perimeter security barricades can be purchased precast so that they can be installed for any length of time safeguarding your boundaries.

Concrete barriers are often used on highways and are exceptionally suited to a metropolitan setting. Moreover, they are also inexpensive, which given their resilience is a great added perk for long term use.

Other security fortifications

While Jersey barriers are deemed the sturdiest, there are other options used as well. These include everything from large boulders and artificial rocks to huge trees. Although most of these are readily available, they tend to lack the tensile strength of concrete. There is also the matter or durability and artificial rocks and trees are at times affected greatly by storm damage. Water barriers and plastic dividers can be effective when used on roadways or even in parking lots.

Even so, concrete blockades are found most convenient as they can be built to suit virtually any size requirements. What is more is that these perimeter security barricades can be fashioned into superfluous decorative elements such as retaining walls or even large planters with flowers or attractive bushes to present style with functionality.