Concrete Barriers for Protecting Job Sites

Part of any district, county, or city’s responsibilities is the maintenance of roads and highways, as well as the undertaking of building additional roads to accommodate the increasing volume of traffic in certain areas. In order to allow the construction to go on without impeding the flow of traffic, as well as protect the people around the job site, a sturdy barrier is the best solution.

Jersey barriers are also known as median barriers. This concrete barrier has a distinct shape and slope that’s designed to protect the construction area from vehicles. If an errant vehicle were to be involved in the more common shallow-angle hits of the safety barriers, the vehicle’s tires would be lifted up its lower sloped face. This action minimizes sheet metal damage to the vehicle. In the event of a more high impact angle, the Jersey barrier’s shape works on several areas—the front bumper hits the upper sloped face and slides upwards, which results in the lifting of the vehicle. This action’s primary function is to reduce the friction between the wheels of the vehicle and the paved surface. This is what aides in banking and redirecting the vehicle, which reduces the risk of the vehicle deflecting back onto traffic and causing a pile up.

Meanwhile, the construction site, the equipment, and the workers involved in the project are protected from a would-be collision on the other side of the traffic barriers. It is recommended that the concrete barriers be placed adjacent to a paved surface so that the vehicle’s wheels will be unable to dig into the soil, which can cause it to overturn.

In addition to the obvious protection from collisions that the barriers offer, they also clearly delineate the area where work is being done and prevent stray vehicles from entering into the work zone. The barrier’s hefty weight and girth ensures that the perimeter is secure and properly closed off.

48 Barriers offers several types of concrete barriers for sale to close off an area, protect a perimeter, or restrict movement into a space.

For short term use, you may want to look into water filled barriers and see if these would be a better fit for your needs. The ease of set up makes it ideal for temporary use since it can be easily transported and put in place when it is empty. Made of polyethylene plastic, these barriers are available in several bright colors for better visibility.

If you are uncertain about the type of barriers best suited for your project, contact us to help you design the most optimal barrier solution for your needs.