Concrete Jersey Barrier: Car Park Security

Designed to control traffic and provide crash protection on the road, concrete Jersey barriers are practical, ideal solutions for managing vehicles on the highway and minimizing road hazards for motorists. They also serve as more than just a solution for managing highway traffic, though. A concrete Jersey barrier system can also be used as an effective means of improving traffic flow in open car parks, as well as beef up security.

An unfenced parking lot is not only an invitation for unauthorized vehicles. It also enables thieves to easily enter the perimeter and steal, vandalize, or worse, drive away with a stolen car. While fences are helpful deterrents, determined thieves may find a way to knock them down or break into them to gain access.

Concrete Jersey barriers can be used to enhance security by stopping vehicle thieves from leaving the parking lot with the stolen car. These barriers are able to withstand collisions far better than metal fences, and are heavy enough to prevent any attempt to remove them from placement. With fencing installed on top of the Jersey barrier, car park operators can further ensure the safety of their clients’ vehicles against thieves as well as vandals.

Aside from securing the perimeter, Jersey barriers can also serve as dividers for parking lot security. Unlike concrete wheel stops that are only a few inches tall and pose a tripping hazard, concrete barriers are highly visible, making them a safer option in car parks. Additionally, a Jersey barrier system can be used to designate a safe pedestrian route around the parking lot.

Because these barriers are made of steel-reinforced concrete, they can withstand long-term exposure to the elements. This makes them highly suitable for open parking lot design. And since they are relatively cheap with very little to no maintenance required, they offer a cost-effective solution for enhancing car park security and design.

If you are a car park operator looking to improve your parking lot security and design, 48 Barriers offers concrete Jersey barriers for sale. Our wide selection of crowd management products include pre-cast concrete barriers for your traffic and security needs. We offer other options as well, such as large, round concrete planters and rectangular security planter barriers you can use as parking dividers while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your facility.

No matter what your security and crowd management needs are, you can count on our concrete Jersey barrier products to meet your requirements, at a price you can afford. For any inquiries, feel free to call 48 Barriers at 866-755-3325.