Concrete Security Barriers

Concrete security barriers are used for different purposes and they are primarily used for both on and off road purposes. Coming in different shapes, sizes, and types, the concrete security barriers can be made according to the specifications of the buyer at 48 Barriers.

Public Safety using Concrete Security Barriers

Though concrete security barriers are used mostly on roads and in places where a permanent and strong barricade is needed, some of them are used for public safety against terrorism threats, divide traffic lanes, and site protection purposes as well. The most used concrete security barriers are classified as follows. Full length stop blocks, Deco barriers, jersey, k-rail barriers, mini/half-length stop blocks, planter blocks, and road barriers. All these are made out of concrete, using castings. We take orders both in small and large quantities and can be delivered anywhere in 48 states.

If the buyer is not sure of which type of concrete security barriers to buy, we also provide advice on this. These barriers are also graded based on the type of concrete used. The best ones are made from reinforced concrete (C30 strength). Apart from the concrete used, these barriers also depend on the steel rods used inside for reinforcement. Some barriers also come without steel rods, but the ones with the rods are expected to be stronger. Generally, steel rods are used in concrete security barriers for reinforcement, but other bars also can be used.

Some of our concrete security barriers come with interlocking systems. These are costlier than standard barriers, but they are very useful if used for a big distance. These interlocking concrete security barriers can also be easily dismantled. They come with lifting options or facilities and can be easily lifted using a crane or a forklift. Lifting pins and clamps like the Deha lifting pin and the Hiab lifting clamps can be used to lift these barriers for quick and easy transportation, since they are cast and molded accordingly.

Sometimes, concrete security barriers are also used as test weights for various reasons. These are quite different from the ones used for other purposes. They find use in HGV MOT tests. Industries use special concrete security barriers for safety purposes, especially if it is a heavy industry.

Another method of classification of concrete barriers is by their weight. Heavy weight and lightweight concrete barriers are available and they are used in different applications. However, concrete barriers are heavy and that is why they are used.

There are different types of concrete security barriers that come in special geometric styles and as a buyer it’s important to make a well informed purchase. 48 Barriers is where you get attractive discounts and great advice on all the products sold.

Never bought concrete barriers? Have questions? Call us today and we’ll guide you to the right product for your needs!