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Different Types of Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control barriers are used to direct and manage the crowd properly. These are mainly deployed at places that see huge gatherings such as movie halls, stadiums, highways, etc. Different kinds of crowd barriers are manufactured to match the requirement of various places. Here is a look at some of the different types of crowd control barriers available in the market.

Jersey Barriers

Available in both plastic and concrete, these are typically used to separate traffic lanes. These are installed to avoid the chances of head-on collision and ensure that the vehicles run smoothly in their lane. Also known as k-rail barriers, these are even installed to border off the areas where construction work is going on.

Steel Barriers

These barriers are made of heavy duty metal and are quite sturdy yet easier to deploy as compared to Jersey barriers. Also known as bike rack barriers, these are usually 6-8 feet in length and are mostly used at short-term work zones such as repair projects. It is better to go for steel barriers equipped with wheels as they are easier to move and deploy.

Water-Filled Barriers

Made of plastic, water-filled barriers are deployed mostly at construction sites to bar the entry of the general public. These are sturdy when filled with water however without water they get so light that they can be deployed even by a single person.
Apart from these, there are bin blocks, retractable belt barriers, wall mount belt barriers and various other types of crowd barriers that can be installed to control a crowd.