Effective ways to use construction barricades and barriers

There are many effective ways to use construction barricades and construction barriers. While being made of varying materials, they all serve the same purposes: to protect construction crews and sites, direct traffic flow, control motor and foot traffic, ensure accident prevention and to provide public safety in a wide variety of situations. Traffic control in large parking lots is also a very important use for construction barriers or construction barricades. You’ve probably seen construction barricades used decoratively by many department and retail stores to protect their entrances. Because construction barricades require little maintenance and attention, construction barriers are being widely used for safety in areas beyond the construction zone.

Large parking lots, like those that are near stadiums and convention centers, make use of construction barriers to ensure that traffic flows efficiently. Imagine a crowd leaving an event and not knowing which way to exit. The resulting traffic jam could take hours to undo. Construction barricades and barriers would make the route obvious and safer for all vehicle traffic.

Much construction goes on at night to avoid major traffic delays. When this construction is done near residential areas the sound can be loud and disruptive. One use that you may not have been aware of is the use of construction barriers for noise reduction. These concrete jersey barriers are particularly useful in residential areas that have long-term construction projects near them.

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