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Four Things You Must Know About K-Rails

What is a K-Rail? The Californian version of the temporary concrete barrier or jersey barrier. K-rail barriers are used across various applications such as highway use, perimeter protection, defining walkways and blocking off access points.

Read on to learn some interesting facts about K rail barriers.

  • Most common lengths 5′, 10′ or 20′ long. 24″ Wide x 32″ High.
  • K-rails have been in use since 1960s and through the years these barriers have undergone some good amount change such as increase in the height profile. They are now widely accepted as a more suitable choice for lane separation and construction areas along public highways.
  • Concrete K-Rails are durable, reinforced with rebar and mobilized using forklift slots (drainage slots) or the lifting hole in the center. They are cost effective and a preferred choice for protection along fence lines.