How Concrete Jersey Barriers Are Used for Traffic Safety

Have you ever wondered how concrete barriers work to provide traffic safety? Concrete barriers, also known as Jersey Barriers, are traffic control products that were developed more than 50 years ago. Concrete barriers have many different variations but one common goal: traffic safety. Whether Jersey Barriers are used to control foot traffic or vehicle traffic, safety is the top priority and the reason they were invented.

Concrete Jersey traffic safety barriers are designed to slow down and redirect traffic or stop an out of control vehicle. The variables of the area and vehicle speed will determine the specific type of barrier used. Each concrete barrier addresses a specific concern and provides a safety solution. For instance, the upward slope of Jersey Barriers provides a pivot point for the out of control vehicle. This prevents lane cross over which would cause damage to oncoming traffic and possible fatalities. Another example is the use of Jersey Barriers in parking lots as dividers for auto traffic, especially where there is a large amount of foot traffic such as for an event. Concrete traffic barriers also secure perimeters for construction sites or ongoing utility work areas along city streets.

The usage list and safety benefits of concrete highway barriers are quite extensive, and we are happy to answer any question regarding barriers. If you would like more information regarding the concrete barriers that 48 Barriers offers, please contact us at 866-755-3325 or get a Quick Quote here.