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The impact of K rails in road safety

Does the name “K-Rail” sound unfamiliar to you? Ironically, it may well have saved your life!

Those are the wedges of concrete that dominates the landscape of highways. This safety equipment is the refined product of 60 years of engineering effort. It was basically developed to minimize the extent of an accident by restoring control to the vehicle on impact. There have been 32,675 deaths due to automobile crashes on road in 2014 alone according to the USA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration amounting to a waste of $1 trillion because of the loss in productivity and life as per statistics.

When the K rail barriers were first introduced, it was recognized as a breakthrough in the technology as it helped to avoid many collisions in the highways. The various other advantages of K rails  are given below,

  • – They can be easily transported from one place to another making it an easier choice for both temporary and permanent purposes.
  • – It is not hard to integrate them with other types of steel barriers.
  • – If it is strategically placed in a pattern, it can help to control the speed of the vehicles.
  • – It helps to regulate the flow of traffic and thus saves time, money and life.
  • – They are also used to protect properties and workers in construction sites

The advancement in technology has improved these barriers making them light weighted, water filled and available in variety of size and shapes. This makes them attractive for commercial establishments as parking lot dividers and pedestrian controls in traffic management.