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Improving Your Perimeter Security

It is imperative you take necessary precautions to ward off unwanted intruders especially if your company is involved in matters requiring high level of security. Apart from firewalls, RADIUS servers and other kinds of technical security could be enforced, but physical barriers are also just as important. The outer perimeter comprises of both structural and natural.

Structural barriers are manmade devices that include fences, walls, grills, and bars to mention a few and they come in extremely useful to block, channel or restrict entry. You will come across a variety of barriers for perimeter protection which are commonly employed these days. You can consider discount used barriers that are affordable while they serve the purpose just like new barriers.

Fences that are most commonly used for this purpose, needs careful planning and professional help. The area on either side of the fence needs to be cleared if you want an unobstructed view of possible trespassers.

These barriers for site safety must be secure with the aid of a couple of detection and prevention controls. A perimeter fence is an ideal barrier that can be installed without hassles. You also need to implement some technology related to intrusion detection like,

  • Photo electric technology
  • Motion detectors
  • CCTV cameras
  • Infrared – passive
  • Seismic detection with acoustics

Lighting is yet another important aspect to consider while constructing barriers. It is ideal to install the right kind of lighting that will push security into the shadows and blind trespassers at the same time. Lighting also needs to be adequate enough for the detection technology in use. It is best to employ professionals who have ample experience in the field of constructing and implementing barriers for perimeter protection to ensure complete security.