Military Perimeter Security Barriers

Military perimeters need to be most secure when compared to other facilities. This is one reason why security barriers are mandatory in these places. Military bases, offices, and even sites require the use of special safety barriers and equipment for protection against growing terrorist activities and enemies. 48 Barriers provides the best discounts on military protection and perimeter security barriers. These are useful to protect facilities, personnel, military equipment, and even vehicles from being attacked.

Though military do not just rely on physical barriers, they are still used for blast containment and other purposes. Force protection barriers are also used to prevent attack of forces. Infrastructure barriers are used in order to secure the protection of facilities. Military bases need the use of entrance barriers or access control barriers. Entrance barriers are physical barriers and access controlled barriers are mostly electronic. Anti-Ram barriers can be used in order to prevent enemy vehicles from ramming into the facility. Blast mitigation barriers are used to reduce the damage caused by unexpected bomb blasts. The entire perimeter also needs to be secure. Hence, military facilities cannot survive with compound walls alone. This is why a special wall is built. They are called barrier walls. Special barriers can be joined together to form walls that can resist high intensity attacks.

48 Barriers has a special list of barriers under which all military perimeter security needs are also covered. Discounts are given from time to time and they depend on the product and the quantity chosen. Military barriers also have special discounts. Command centers and bases also need special military barriers. Blast containment barriers and security barriers are mostly used here. Sound barriers and cargo pads are also used for special purposes.

Barriers for population containment, area force protection, sand filled, and water filled barriers, mobile weapons storage walls and delay barriers can also be used in large volumes by the military. Airfields can also use special barriers, which could also be sourced from 48 Barriers. These barriers include revetments for aircraft, storage area barriers, off-site barriers, base barriers, etc. 48 Barriers provides a wide range of barriers at a better price than our competitors.

While buying new military barriers can be the first option, there is always a second one. We also provide used barriers at lower costs resulting in great savings. Military perimeter barriers and all other types of crowd control barrier products are available here at a very competitive price.

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