Water Filled Barriers: Movable Construction Safety

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2a83e3bf-ce47-4f9a-803d-e8d2f690e37cWater filled barriers are being used more and more in traffic safety control and crowd management due to their movable nature and added conveniences. Water-filled barricades, also known as aqua barriers, are used in work zones because they are an extremely durable yet versatile option in traffic safety. The portable nature, reduced weight (compared to concrete barriers), and the ability to reuse water filled barriers make them a huge advantage for temporary work zones and small utility construction jobs. These aqua barriers require less maintenance than concrete barriers, and they do not require heavy equipment to assemble. Smaller budget projects benefit from these temporary construction safety barriers, which appeals to small construction zone maintenance sites. Water filled barriers are also useful for traffic safety at large events such as city festivals and university games. Water filled barriers are easy to set up and take down and can be easily stored between jobs.

blog2Water filled barriers (aqua barriers) also help delineate and alert traffic, making drivers aware of construction truck access points, lane closures, lane crossovers, and temporary exit ramps. Water-filled plastic traffic barriers also provide protection for drivers of vehicles that might be involved in accidents near construction zones. The impact is less severe compared to a concrete barrier, which is more suited for highway traffic to avoid cross over collisions even at reduced speeds. Traffic accident deaths are reduced greatly when construction safety barriers are used, and water-filled barriers provide an added safety feature with impact severity reduction in mind. 48 Barriers has an array of water filled barriers (aqua barriers) and accessories. For further information please call us at 866-755-3325.