Where are Crowd Control Barriers Used?

Crowd control barriers are deployed with the sole aim of managing a crowd appropriately to ensure public safety and security. There are several places that require the deployment of different kinds of safety barricades. Here is a detailed look at some of the places that require these barriers and why.

Highways and Roads

On the highways and roads, barriers are used to direct the traffic in the right direction. Concrete barriers are mostly used to place on the highways to divert the route in case a construction is going on. These are also used to divide the traffic lane for enhanced road safety.

Movie Halls

One of the most crowded places these days, the movie halls also require crowd control barriers. However, the barriers installed here are much lighter and refined. You will mostly see retractable belt barriers at the ticket counters as well as near the entry to the hall.


Stadiums hosting different sports events see large amounts of people, so it is hard to manage the public without these crowd control barriers. Strong steel barriers or water-filled plastic barriers are usually used at places such as these.

Construction Sites

Plastic or concrete jersey barriers are installed near the construction sites to restrict the entry of the public at these places and to divert the traffic. This is necessary to avoid accidents.

Apart from this, safety barricades are also used by the police to control the maddening crowd gathered during rallies, processions and other such events. Strong steel barriers equipped with wheels are mostly used at such places as these are easy to install and operate.