Security Planter Barricade 48L x 24W x 24H

Item Number: SPB4824
Features: Commercial concrete planters come in various sizes, providing beautification to buildings, campuses, or stadiums. This square heavy-duty security planter is manufactured with a 3/8 welded rebar cage, yet offering aesthetic attributes as plant life is inhabited. Notice forklift knockouts put in place to easily reposition or relocate.

Product Specifications:
48″L x 24″W x 24″H

Weight: 955 lbs.

In addition, color can be added using Sherwin Williams Concrete Stains
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How are they used?

Jersey Barriers help to separate lanes of traffic while minimizing the risk of head-on collisions. In case of vehicle impact, they’re designed to withstand and absorb energy while reducing the amount of damage caused to the vehicle and barrier itself.


While we do source and offer new barriers and barricades, buying used costs substantially less—and it’s eco-friendly. Our used Jersey Barriers are like new without exposed rebar or insides. In fact, many of them are in their original form with minor chips or scratches.