Water-Filled Airport Barricade

Item Number: WB25-A
Features: The Airport Barricade or portable barricade is a specialty barricade that is superior in strength and quality to its competition. We design our barricades to remain maintenance free and stay in place. This barricade, when empty, allows for deployment of just one individual, thus saving you costs for additional manpower and equipment. Our low-profile airport barricade is capable of holding up to four flashing lights and two warning flags, based upon your needs. Because our barricades are made with recyclable, UV resistant polyethylene plastic, they won’t break off, fade, deteriorate or spark if hit by a metal object.

Options: Solar Dual Function Lights in RED or YELLOW or without lights. HIP Sheeting (Product #WB25-A-H)

Product Specifications:
Low Impact UV-Resistant Polyethylene
Size: 96″L x 10″W x 10″H
Wall Thickness: .25″
Weight: 25 lbs. Empty | 165 lbs. to Fill Line (17 gallons of water)

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