Effective ways to use construction barricades and construction barriers

There are many effective ways to use construction barricades and construction barriers. While being made of varying materials, they all serve the same purposes: to protect construction crews and sites, direct traffic flow, control motor and foot traffic, ensure accident prevention and to provide public safety in a wide variety of situations. Traffic control in large parking lots is also a very important use for construction barriers or construction… Read More

How Concrete Jersey Barriers Are Used for Traffic Safety

006-2 Have you ever wondered how concrete barriers work to provide traffic safety? Concrete barriers, also known as Jersey Barriers, are traffic control products that were developed more than 50 years ago. Concrete barriers have many different variations but one common goal: traffic safety. Whether Jersey Barriers are used to control foot traffic or vehicle traffic, safety is the top priority and the reason they were invented… Read More

Accident Prevention with K Rails – concrete traffic barriers

jb10-ca K-Rails, used throughout California and the west coast, are excellent solutions in the important task of accident prevention.  Since the 1960s when these concrete traffic barriers were put into use for cross-lane collision prevention, they have not only helped reduce those types of accidents but they have also proven to be… Read More