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Why Are Jersey Barriers Used at Events?

Concrete barriers, also known as Jersey Barriers, are one of the most widely used products at large-scale events. Though this innovative design has only been around for 75 years, its presence is everywhere. Concrete jersey barriers used at events have gone on to keep infrastructure in place, save lives along dangerous stretches, and more.

The jersey barrier design is fluid regarding the diverse way it can be used dependent on the needs of the consumer. In the past, barriers have been mainly used for structural and road use. Organizations have recently used barriers at events whether small or large across the country.

Importance of Crowd Control Barriers

Organizations are starting to hold frequent discussions about crowd control. People are seeking ways to ensure safety for the public at large-scale gatherings. This is mainly due to recent tragedies associated with lack of proper equipment in use at concerts or events. Companies are turning to concrete barriers to protect their staff and occupants without a large financial burden.

Depending on the event, crowds can range from anywhere to 1,000 people to 10,000 in the matter of minutes. Being able to control large crowds is crucial in maintaining a safe atmosphere for all attendees.

Jersey Barriers Used at Eventscrowd-control-barriers

Though crowd safety is an important part of every large gathering, many organizations aren’t sure where to begin. Jersey barriers used at events offer the convenience and functionality to set up sectors with quick timelines. They are easy to implement and effective in helping manage crowd control.

Advantages of Crowd Management

Festivals and similar events often have multiple performances at once to accommodate the interest of diverse large crowds. Thus, multiple stages are created, giving festivalgoers the opportunity to bounce from one performance to another.

Creating a physical divide of these stages give attendees the independence to move where allowed with limited instruction by personnel. For indoor events such as racing, crowd control barriers reduce crowd mismanagement when viewing competitors or waiting in line.

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