New & Used Concrete

Serving Commercial and Industrial customers since 2003.


Bin Blocks have the capacity to interlock on top, sides, and bottom for stacking and placing side-by-side. These blocks are excellent for storing sand, gravel, mulch, and dirt. They allow for a strong and sturdy retaining wall or when built in a U-shape for any type of bulk material storage.

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For a more durable safety and crowd control solution, concrete barriers can help to prevent head-on collisions, protect workers and block off closed roads or entrances. Able to stand the test of time, these barriers require minimum maintenance and are less likely to need replacing after vehicle impact.

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Durable and built to last, stone and concrete security planters are highly useful for security solutions, controlling the flow of traffic, enhancing public safety and stopping vehicles. Plus, they’re perfect for planting flowers, trees, plants, other landscape features and aesthetically help to enhance any landscape.

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We offer many different Barrier Lifts. Barrier Lifts are automatic Barrier Clamp used to lift barriers of any size and any kind. These do all the lifting, moving, and placing, safely and efficiently all without the use of hydraulics.

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48 Barriers delivers all the products offered on our website in the lower 48 States.

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The decorative pre-cast concrete barriers combine maximum protection with an aesthetically pleasing geometric style. These security barriers can be standalone units with finished ends spaced accordingly for perimeter security.

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48 Barriers: Your National Source for New & Used Barriers, K-Rail, Bin Blocks, Planters and More

So, you’ve been asked to obtain concrete barriers, planters or blocks to protect lives and property. You probably don’t buy these often. You might not be sure exactly what kind to get, or how to get them delivered where and when they’re needed. You’re on a budget. Oh, and you’re under time pressure too!

Relax – you’ve found 48 Barriers® supply and logistics services. We solve these challenges every day for companies and organizations like yours. And we’re about to make your search a piece of cake (yes, that easy), starting with your call to us at 1-866-755-3325.

48 Barriers is a family-owned business headquartered in Kansas City, MO. It has been our pleasure to serve commercial and industrial customers in the lower 48 states since 2003. 

Customers We Serve Include

  • Facility operations and maintenance
  • Trucking companies
  • Equipment rental companies
  • Construction and renovation contractors
  • Energy & utilities
  • Government / Military
  • Event and production companies
  • Parking garages / lots

Common Customer Issues We Solve

  • Protecting a parked fleet from theft
  • Protecting fences from damage
  • Blocking vehicles during construction / renovation
  • Ballasting to anchor tents and stages
  • Controlling traffic
  • Concrete barriers nationwide

Our Most Popular Products

  • New and used concrete traffic barriers ̶ Jersey highway barriers and K-rails
  • Precast concrete security planters
  • Military barriers
  • Barrier lifters
  • Bin blocks
  • Our proprietary CastleGuard™ decorative barriers, StoneCast™ Planters and DecoBarrier™ decorative blocks

Our customers trust us to understand what they need and recommend practical, cost-effective solutions. We solve the headache by providing you with the barriers you need, where you need them. We handle the shipping, with delivery available coast-to-coast and border-to-border.

Need a lot of them? We coordinate shipments from multiple suppliers to make your project a breeze. 

With our own new and used barrier stockpiles, endorsed supplier relationships, and thousands of established contacts around the country, we work fast and efficiently to meet your project timeline and save you money. Plus, we handle everything you need from start to finish. We are happy to support various commercial companies and channels across the USA, and we offer products that are of the highest quality, unique and hard to find.