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When should you replace concrete barriers?

When is the right time to invest in new replacement concrete safety barriers? Concrete barriers offer the highest level of safety to any kind of environment and are considered a great investment too. Concrete barriers have a long life but must be inspected regularly to ensure maximum safety of the environment and its users. If you are responsible for the maintaining the condition of concrete barriers in your company, then have a look through the following pointers.

1. Cracks, erosion, deposition of debris and damage from previous crashes and misalignment are some of the common problems of concrete barriers and must be checked without delay.

2. The area around the concrete barriers must be kept clean. Signs for visibility and additional instructions added to the barriers must be checked to ensure that they serve the intended purpose.

3. The height of the barrier must be even throughout. If a barrier has to be replaced from the chain, then the new barrier must be matched in height with the rest of the concrete barriers. Remember that there are state as well as national laws for determining the shape and size of the barrier and these regulations must be adhered to strictly.

4. If the concrete barriers have been installed for vehicle collision protection then it is recommended to shallow and small slopes. Slopes with very steep angles could cause a vehicle to fly over the top.Concrete barriers are fairly free of maintenance but inspecting them regularly ensures lowered risk of safety hazards. If your existing barriers have any of the above problems, then it is certainly the right time to invest in new concrete barriers.