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Welcome to the 48 Barriers blog where you will find helpful tips and product details regarding industrial traffic management products, site amenities, queue solutions, and event crowd management. 48 Barriers is a global leader when it comes to barriers and barricades – concrete, plastic, and water filled barricades – as well as concrete planters.

Since 2003, 48 Barriers has helped event planners, construction managers, and other entities with crowd control and traffic control products. Our clients love our long lasting products. Our top notch sales team provides excellent customer service for our industrial products. Follow our blog to learn fascinating facts about these products as well as tips to help you choose what fits your traffic management and crowd management needs.

  • When is the right time to invest in new concrete barriers?

    Concrete barriers offer the highest level of safety to any kind of environment and are considered a great investment too. Concrete barriers have a long life but must be inspected regularly to ensure maximum safety of the environment and its users. If you are responsible for the maintaining the condition of concrete barriers in your Read More

  • Some Interesting Facts about Concrete Jersey Barriers

    Jersey barrier is the common name given to highway concrete barriers that are used for traffic control and perimeter protection. Superficially, the concrete Jersey barriers appear to be simple. In reality, they are highly sophisticated and their design is tweaked to ensure optimal driver safety. Read on to find out some interesting facts about the Read More

  • Are Jersey Barriers a Solid Secure Solution for Highway Safety?

    In general, Jersey barriers are used to reduce the risk of an out-of-control vehicle crossing the median and colliding with opposing traffic or roadway workers. It also provides protection against unwanted vehicular traffic and terrorist activities around government buildings, utility facilities, historic landmarks and more. Featuring Jersey barriers on highways has reduced the number of Read More