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NEW vs. USED Barriers

Do you pay for what you get? Torn between new or used barriers? Are you not sure if the quality will be up to par? Do you need something simply to protect and secure?

Deciding between new / used concrete barriers often comes down to what is acceptable, but many customers want to make sure the barriers they receive pricing on are not 14th century castles. Most of our customers choose used barriers from California to Boston, but we often sell new barriers as used material is not as readily available.
We rate our budget-friendly used traffic barriers on a 3-tiered scale: High-Grade, Mid-Grade, & Low-Grade. High-Grade is “Like new” with very minor signs of use. Mid-Grade is the most common grade of barrier being structurally sound, but no cracks or exposed rebar. Low-Grade has softball sized spalls or chunks with some exposed rebar, even hairline cracks.

New Concrete Barriers:

· Higher cost
· Aesthetics are met
· Concrete Integrity
· Made to order

Used Concrete Barriers:

· Lowest cost
· Volume discounts
· Sustainability, reusing material

Jersey barriers have a variety of applications and the best thing to do is to compare pricing and see if it’s actually worth it to invest in new or go with used. Either way, they both offer the security and safety function needed that brought you to our website in the first place . To find out if new or used suits your needs, submit a quote or email a member of our team at (Go ahead. Ask for Kyle, the author of this post, I am real).