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Plastic Water Filled Barriers: Pros and Cons

Our last post listed the pros vs. cons of concrete jersey barriers and concluded plastic water filled barriers and concrete traffic barriers (or concrete K-Rail) have specific purposes. Placing a plastic jersey barrier with vehicle traffic may not be the lucrative solution when you want them to withstand impact. On the other hand, you do not keep equipment on-site to move a concrete jersey barrier—-


Plastic Water Filled Barrier or Barricade:


· Use filled or empty

· Highly visible

· Safer jobsite

· Lower transportation costs

· Color Options available

· Lightweight

· Placing can be done without machine or forklift

· Easy to position

· Repositioning (when empty) is a breeze


· Durability

· Leaks happen

· Filling with sand is very time-consuming

· Easy for trespassers to break

· Buying used means you don’t know if they leak

· More expensive than concrete

Keep in mind, you are buying a product made for versatility in function to provide a safe and effective barricade for you event, parking lot, job-site, church, school, construction site, or perimeter security. If you are unsure of your needs after reading this series, we are ready to answer all your questions and provide you with a quote today! You can even ask for me… Kyle