Security Planters

The design of the security planter revolves around protection, aesthetics, security, for a lifetime. Each model offers various appeals and benefits depending on the requirements your project. Stone-Cast Security planters are precast with reinforced steel rebar. The aggregate finish on the planters not only serves as a design, but less likely to show wear from rain and dirt.
Round, Square, or Rectangular? Depending on the security needed in a parking lot or along the front the building to serve as a bollard, you want a planter that fits the structures surrounding it. The round will offer a softer feel and be suitable for pedestrian traffic, allowing you to space them out across a college campus, city park, or office building without the rigidity of square or rectangular planters. On the same token; the rectangular can be spaced linearly along an office front or sidewalk to keep pedestrians safe from vehicles.
Keep in mind, planters vary in cost as well and often higher priced than a concrete highway barrier, but you end up with a long-lasting perimeter security barrier that keeps road traffic where it belongs.
So take a look at security planter and request a quote today!
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