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CASTLE GUARD 8 ft. Deco Security Barrier, with Fork Slots

The Castle Guard Barrier System has many benefits for your perimeter security needs where the standard Jersey Barrier or K-Rail won’t quite make it.

Aesthetic Security:
The look of this concrete security barrier is formidable and strong like the castles of old that remain standing today. Your front entrances or street side view of your building needs protection but without sacrificing a clean, professional curb appeal for your brand, yet a safe and effective deterrent and protection for pedestrians and facilities.

Unique Security:
There no other barriers of this independent design and functionality on the market. This concrete security barrier system is practical yet unique and attractive. It allows for a variety of connections, whether pin & loop for the strongest and most secure connection, steel cable with a pass through conduit to allow for spacing between the barriers or blunt ends for single use or stand-alone applications. Our corner barrier connection allows for a strong 90° turn with no weak points if impacted, thus, insuring the integrity of the barrier system and property protection.

Versatile Security:
The optional lengths allow for the layout to conform to the requirements of your site and meet the needs of the desired security of customers, staff and property.

Call us today to talk about the design of your new Castle Guard Barrier System and the needs of your specific location.

Protect and Stay Safe in Style with Castle Guard Barrier System!

In addition, color can be added using Sherwin Williams Concrete Stains
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