Stackable Concrete Bin Blocks: What do you call them?

Many names have been given to describe what we call the “concrete bin block,” So I’m going to provide you with a comprehensive list of all the names we’ve encountered, as a universal industry name does not exist. Each have a reasoning, some obscure, but mostly straightforward. Enjoy!
Concrete Bin Blocks – Create bins for storing material
V-Blocks – Have a “V-notch” connection style on top, bottom, & sides
Waste Blocks – Made with leftover concrete from previous job
Eco Blocks – Re-purposed concrete
Ecology Blocks – Re purposed concrete
Knob Blocks – 2) Knobs on the top for stacking, like Legos
Ballast Blocks – Temporary use: Holding down scaffolding or tents
Lug Blocks – Heavy to lug around! LOL
Mack Blocks – Mack Daddy Blocks?
Octa Blocks – 2) Octagonal knobs on the top for stacking
Lego Blocks – Stack like Legos
Deco Blocks – Decorative stone finish
Decorative Blocks – Decorative stone finish
Yard Blocks – About a yard of concrete
Jersey Blocks – Like a Jersey barrier
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