5′ MINI K-Rail Concrete Barrier

Item Number: JB5

Features: 5’L x 2’W x 32″H MINI Concrete K-Rail, Jersey Barrier 2,000 lbs with Fork Slots to quickly re-position. Connection hardware depends on your location. Perfect for parking lots, construction sites, crowd control, event management, sports complexes, schools and universities, security guard outposts, propane tank protection. Able to quickly deploy and solve problems before they get out of hand, safely and efficiently.

Keep your on site personnel safe and protected. Do you have high car traffic and pedestrian traffic at the same times and safety is your #1 concern? This can keep cars and people separate and safe.

Closing a road or parking lot temporarily? No one will get out of their car to move this 1 TON barrier! Use a standard pallet jack to move and set in place. You can also use the 4″ lifting hole to rig up to any other type of industrial equipment.

Call us today to get you a quote including shipping to your site. Need them offloaded and set in place, just let us know that too and we will include it with your shipping quote.

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