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Kenco Rigmax 31700

Rigging Sling Features: Kenco lifting gear provides the ideal solution for material handling and lifting applications in virtually any industry. Kenco rigging products allow every project to be completed efficiently and safely. The RigMAX rigging sling contains everything you need to attach the Kenco Barrier Lift, Pipe Hook, Pipe Lift, Multilift, Triple Tine Grapple, or Superlift to ANY machine. Includes one 3 foot length of eye & eye round sling and two alloy screw pin anchor shackles. The RigMAX hooks up easily to the lifting eye on Kenco Lifters, or use it for many other lifting operations.

    • Large eye for easy choking applications
    • Highly flexible
    • Lightweight
    • Incredible strength
    • Easy inspection: webbing wear damage will be indicated visually

Capacity: 31,700 pounds

Length: 3 feet

Screw Pin Anchor Shackles: TWO 1 & 1/4-inch alloy screw pin shackles rated at WLL 18 tons

Weight: 24 pounds


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