Water Filled SlimLine Barrier

Features: 2001SL is a lightweight portable plastic traffic control and general construction device. Delineation of a work zone or street and road closures, as well as providing clear delineation for traffic channelization, pedestrian safety, and construction areas. The 2001SL is made using rotational molding to insure water-tightness and integrity. The unit is manufactured with internally molded baffles in order to maintain its shape, be properly sealed and leakproof. The unit is provided with drain plugs and underside grooves to allow flow of surface drainage. The unit can also be filled with foam material. The units can be interlocked end to end. When installed as a work zone safety device or road closure the units may be used empty, ballasted, or completely filled with water. Warning flags or optional lights, steady burning lights or flashing lights, can be securely mounted to each unit if required. The unit is joined by a unique connection system which provides a positive interlock while allowing for approximately 22 degrees of Articulation between units.

The unit has ports positioned on the bottom flanges devised to allow for ground mounting. Forklift holes For ease of mobility when filled. Post boots at the bottom interior of the unit to allow sign and fence post mounting. The material is a recyclable polyethylene. It is rotationally molded to a thickness of approximately .150 for the standard units and .250 with the optional heavy duty unit.

An ultraviolet light inhibitor is introduced into the raw material mix to provide sufficient protection to ensure reasonable life of the product in reasonable weather conditions. The standard colors of the 2001SL are white and orange. Other colors may be introduced from time to time as required to comply with state and federal regulations. Custom colors are available for special orders.

Applications: Pedestrian Crossing, School Crossing Temporary work zones Road Blocks Sign support


Height: 18″
Base width including flanges: 20″
Base width not including flanges: 12″
Top width: 6″
Functional length: 72″
Male connection: 8″ in length
Female recess: 7″ in length
Top fill holes: 4″
Post boot: 3.5″and 2.5″
Empty weight: 38 lbs
Water filled weight: 330 lbs
***Don’t forget to order the warning lights!

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