Concrete Security Planters: Decorative Traffic Safety Options


Concrete security planters, also known as cement security planters, are a beautiful option for crowd control and property barriers. The security they add to any facility is essential. Concrete security planters are especially important at government and military facilities where public safety is of primary concern. Schools and colleges also use cement outdoor planters to keep areas secure… Read More

How Concrete Jersey Barriers Are Used for Traffic Safety

006-2 Have you ever wondered how concrete barriers work to provide traffic safety? Concrete barriers, also known as Jersey Barriers, are traffic control products that were developed more than 50 years ago. Concrete barriers have many different variations but one common goal: traffic safety. Whether Jersey Barriers are used to control foot traffic or vehicle traffic, safety is the top priority and the reason they were invented… Read More

Barriers & Barricades For Public Safety

48 Barriers barriers and barricades (also known as Jersey barriers, road barriers, or K-Rail barriers) are designed purposefully to keep pedestrians and automobiles from certain areas, facilitate traffic delineation, ensure public safety, and make no-access areas obvious.  These Department of Transportation approved 48 Barriers devices can be installed in many areas from construction zones to large crowd events to short term traffic redirection. Concrete, steel, or plastic barriers and barricades can be used as single units or interlocked for more traffic control… Read More