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48 Barriers has the new or used barricade you need for all types of projects. We offer water filled barricades, concrete barricades, mini barriers, and deco barriers just to name a few.

48 Barriers barricades, also known as K-Rail barriers or Jersey Barriers, come in both state-specified DOT Specs and Non-DOT spec versions. Our safety barricades provide an additional level of protection for construction sites, parking lots, event areas, and other types of properties. 48 Barriers traffic barricades also serve as excellent solutions for retaining walls or for heavy equipment protection, and can be used to secure area perimeters.

The varying materials of 48 Barriers barricades fit the many needs that companies and governments have for their projects. Water-filled moveable barricades are suitable for temporary needs such as controlling foot traffic, directing temporary traffic flow, and small construction jobs that take little time. Concrete barricades are most suitable for long-term construction or in front of large retail establishments like malls. Barricades can be decorative and can cut down on noise in high construction areas.

Traffic incidents and related deaths are cut down drastically with a properly placed barricade, especially on high traffic county highways. This is why many city, county, and state governments use them on a long-term basis. 48 Barriers barricades not only work by slowing down traffic, but also by redirecting out-of-control vehicles that threaten to pass over the centerline or into an area designated specifically for pedestrians, or roadwork crews.

48 Barriers provides metal and plastic barricades that are efficiently able to control traffic and human movement in various situations. These blockage equipment may be utilized on a temporary basis until more permanent fixtures may be installed. Our products come in a range of sizes and can be customized depending on your specific requirements.

Water-filled barriers are one of the more popular types of barriers because of the versatility, portability and convenience it brings to temporary zones. In addition to protecting both pedestrians and motorists, water ballasted barriers are much safer than traditional concrete barriers upon impact. Additionally, they’re lightweight when empty making them easy to manoevure but once they’ve been filled up and joined together, they make sturdy traffic barriers.

The safety benefits of traffic barricades, as well as ways of using them, are extensive. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding traffic barricades. For more information and to see a list of 48 Barriers barricade products and accessories, visit our online product catalog or contact us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at 866-755-3325. You can also get a quick quote on our website.

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