Barrier Options

We ship barriers and barricades locally by region to all 48 contiguous states

48 Barriers offers a range of new and used concrete traffic barriers, also known as Jersey barriers, and K-rail barriers in every state. We offer both state-specific DOT Spec and Non-DOT Spec road barrier options. The state regulated road barriers from 48 Barriers are crash tested in accordance with NCHRP 350 meeting all Federal and State regulations and requirements.

48 Barriers precast traffic barriers provide added safety for construction workers and serve as permanent road barriers for busy road and construction sites to protect designated areas. Traffic barriers and concrete barrier walls, specifically, reduce the risk of head-on collisions, protect property, and enhance parking lot security. 48 Barriers concrete safety barriers are also an excellent solution for retaining walls, protecting heavy equipment on sites, and keeping perimeters secure.

The different types of concrete barriers for sale offered by 48 Barriers include the following:

Barrier Walls

Our barriers are made of concrete and can be used to prevent or limit the movement of people across a certain point. Our barrier walls come in 6′ lengths, measuring 6′ long x 24″ wide (at base) x 6′ high and weighing approximately 6,194 lbs.

Jersey or Median Barriers

Jersey traffic barriers are traffic partitions used on highways and roads designed to minimize the impact and damage from vehicular accidents. DCC has 10′ or 20′ concrete Jersey barriers as well as 4′ mini Jersey barriers that measure 2′ wide (at base) x 2’–8″ high. They weigh approximately 4,000 to 8,000 lbs, depending on the equipment.

K-Rail Barriers

Similar to Jersey barriers, these barricades are used for closing of an area, be it parking lots, roadways, and more. These concrete barriers for sale come in 5′ or 10′ with 2′ wide (at base) x 2’–8″ high. They weigh approximately 4,000 to 8,000 lbs, depending on the equipment. We also have a mini barrier with dimensions at 5’L x 2’W x 2’8″H.

48 Barriers concrete traffic barriers are shipped locally from within your region to lower your shipping costs and speed up delivery time. Some same-day or next-day service is available in most areas of the U.S. Plus, we offer volume pricing to further maximize your savings. Safety matters to you and it matters to 48 Barriers. Contact us today for a quick quote. Live chat is available as well on the right side of the page.

Aside from brand new and customized barriers, 48 Barriers has a line of used industrial barriers that meet regulatory guidelines and are guaranteed safe, durable, and of excellent quality. You can also view our selection of warning lights, barrier lifts, and other crowd control solutions.

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